Apple iOS 13.2 unveils the Deep Fusion camera mode in iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

Apple has launched its upgraded Operating System, the Apple iOS 13.2 editions for both iPhones and iPads. This new release is not just security and bug fixing upgradation but also has released a whole lot of new emojis depicting various emotions through emoticons. With the ton of new emojis, Apple iOS for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro enables Deep fusion technique, which helps in enhancing the image processing feature. Deep fusion is a camera mode that has been brought into the Apple iPhone through the latest update.

Thanks to the machine learning algorithms and techniques that helped immensely to enhance the image capturing and processing experience through the Deep Fusion camera mode! This iOS upgradation of Apple has brought about many small minor changes that we are going to high lighten here in here. This upgradation has come up with a new feature that has introduced the “Announce messages with Siri.”

This feature was actually to come onto the surface during the iOS 13 update where it was meant to be released, but there occurred some delay due to which it got released now with the Apple 13.2 update. Here, it enables Siri to real out the messages sent to you, when your iPhone is connected to Air Pods or any other sort of headphones through the iPhone H1 chip.

Now, this update’s hot topic, which has been most speculated about, is the Dark fusion camera mode. This has been most notably the best for iPhone 11 and 11 pro users, which is a new image processing technology that aids the users in improving the background image quality and also helps to enhance the image capturing experiences of the iPhone users.

This update brings about any new emojis as the newness to the update, which includes 59 new characters that add up to make a total of 75 emojis. With gender taken into consideration, it totals to 230 in number. There are many new accessibilities focussed emojis, for instance, service dog, people on the wheelchair, artificial or prosthetic leg and hands, etc. Among the others, it includes a yawning face, animals, and some new food options in the set of emojis which users can use while messaging!

The iOS 13.2 update also brings about new Siri privacy settings, which allow you to be selective about your options. These options are about you wanting to opt-in or out to share your interactions with Siri with the Apple! Hence, now your interactions with Siri shall have better confidentiality that relies upon at your own hands and your discretion.

Lastly, the update of Apple iOS 13.2 brings support for the newly announced Air Pods Pro. This update brings better support and compatibility to the recently introduced ear devices and includes settings for transparency and air noise cancellation modes. Apart from these, the upgrade has brought about many improvisations and things to the existing iPhone situations.

To include some of those details which have been brought by this update:
• This update fixes the issue of third-party applications’ password auto-filling
• Improves assistive touch performance
• Issues addressal where phone numbers appear instead of name and many such issues.
• Ability to change the video resolution directly from the camera application.
• Fixes the backup glitch where even after using backup now option, iCloud backup was not successful.

Hence, people can find these new updates and can easily download the update using their mobile data or their WIFI connections to avail the newly updated improvisations and features.

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