Apple to launch its new iPad Pro in early 2020

Rumours had been there about Apple’s new AR-based product and had stirred a lot of excitement within the fan base of Apple. The new AR product of Apple is expected with great enthusiasm as Apple never disappoints its users in technological innovations offered by the Company over the past few years.

And according to the latest Bloomberg report of Monday afternoon, which stated that the new AR embedded devices of Apple would be nothing like its past success story. For it will contain more technologically advanced devices’ given that around a team of 1000 engineers are working on the AR and VR headset of the yet to be released product which for sure made the world of tech maniac people twirl around.

And according to a report from Bloomberg earlier today, the Company is planning to launch its new AR and VR headset embedded device earlier than anyone could have imagined. Yup, you read it perfectly fine without any error or so! Apple is planning to launch its iPad pro with all the AR and VR innovation in it, during the first half of 2020. According to the report of Bloomberg, the new iPad Pro will come with a dual-camera and a tiny hole for the 3D ability of the device.

At first, it was said that the new iPad Pro would come with a triple-lens camera but according to the latest report by Bloomberg today, the new iPad Pro is expected to have a dual camera with all-new 3D sensor ability and system, although the current models of Apple’s iPad come with only a single camera. The new iPad Pro will also have 5G connectivity, as said earlier. The new iPad Pro will have face ID as well, and the 3D ability is said to help the users to build “reconstructions of rooms, objects and people”. However, the 3D sensor iPhones will be releasing later on!

Also, according to the Monday report by Bloomberg, Apple’s plan to release its new device which is a “combined VR and AR headset with a focus on gaming, watching the video and virtual meetings” in the year 2021 and that of 2023. And it is planning to launch a “lightweight pair of AR glasses as early as 2023,” according to the report.

Bloomberg has also emphasized and highlighted the efforts invested by the Company in its report, which goes like_

“Apple has about 1,000 engineers working on the AR and VR initiative, which is led by vice president Mike Rockwell, Bloomberg News has reported. The multi-disciplinary team is part of Apple’s hardware engineering division but has its leadership with executives who have worked on Apple’s gaming software system, earlier iPhone hardware, software engineering and manufacturing. The team also has ex-NASA engineers, former game developers and graphics experts. It is based in a nondescript area of Sunnyvale, California, not far from Apple’s main campus in Cupertino.”

Initially, the motive of Apple was to launch its first headset of AR latest by 2019 and 2020, but due to some issues, the Company decided to push it back a bit from the decided schedule.

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