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Enter DQFanFeedback Survey – Guide, Tips and Steps

Not every feedback session is rewarding. Some companies try to cheat their customers into it by claiming to give prizes, but that never happens. Some companies even resort to means of asking for small feedback on behalf of free goods. But you never receive that goody. That is not the case here in Dairy Queen, […]

IoT core devices like light switches & thermostats to receive Alexa

Alexa will be coming to low specification devices like light switches and thermostats. All that is required is a cortex-M processor and 1MB of RAM. Amazon’s Alexa has been used in many devices like microwave ovens, eye-glass, and earbuds. The requirements are not much, which means Alexa can be inserted into the dumbest of devices […]

Tesla’s Cybertruck pairs the Angular Cyberquad as its accessory

Tesla unveiled its new and angular Cybertruck in Tesla’s design studio on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019 in Hawthorne, Calif. Accompanying the blackish beauty, was its perfect two-seater angular pairing called Cyberquad. On Nov. 22, a day after the Los Angeles launch, Tesla CEO Musk tweeted, “Tesla 2 person electric ATV will come at first as […]

Gmail now supports AMP for Android and iOS

Google is rolling out its dynamic mail feature for Android and iOS. The new update by Gmail allows the users to integrate the interactive dynamic web-like experience with the email without switching to an external browser. The AMP for emails was launched by Gmail earlier this year on July 2, 2019. The pros of dynamic […]

YouTube started a campaign which helps ‘edgy’ creators to find advertisers easily

YouTube had started to match ‘edgy’ video creators with advertisers to boost the revenue yield of the ‘edgy’ creators. YouTube differentiates the advertisers’ friendly videos with non-advertisers friendly videos with a yellow icon next to the video. Those videos with inappropriate content will have this yellow icon next to it. YouTube is searching for advertisers […]

Google Stadia will now launch 22 games instead of 12

Popular cloud gaming system Google Stadia is all slated to launch on November 19. Sometime during the previous week, Google had stated that the gaming system would be bringing along with it 12 games on day one. However, now it has again confirmed that it would be providing 10 additional games, apart from the earlier […]

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