Google’s first studio to make Stadia games is set to open in Montreal, Canada

Google announced the launch of the Stadia Games and Entertainment division in March 2019. It made promises to develop original content for its streaming platform stadia. Currently, Google has opened its first studio of the Stadia Games and Entertainment division in Montreal, which is headed up by Jade Raymond.

In a blog post, Jade Raymond said, “The Company’s plan is to produce exclusive, original content across a diverse portfolio of games”. But still, there is no announcement on the title of the new platform. But the latest announcement ensures that they are going to provide consistent and unique content. It also makes one thing clear; that is, this gaming platform is not like other gaming studios.

As the Stadia is announced to be launched on November 20th, the blockbuster game is not likely to be released before the year-end. Blockbuster video games probably take two years or even longer than that to be developed. Google developing a first-party studio ensures that it should be a long term commitment to Stadia.

The first party studios usually take full advantage of the platform and its capabilities. And Stadia Games and Entertainment division build games with the features of computing power and YouTube integration, so it will have a lot of advantages over other platforms. The Stadia gaming platform also takes advantage of the cloud gaming platform.

The head of Stadia Games and Entertainment spoke about how “Google wants to change the way games are made”. She also mentioned the rich gaming heritage of Canada that “launched dozens of studios, thousands of careers, and countless incredible games”. She said that they have a diverse and inclusive workplace, and this diverse workplace will make us create diverse games together. And that they have an environment that will make our developers create a new, unique gaming experience.

Jade Raymond, the head of Stadia and Entertainment also said, that today’s announcement will also be a call for a number of talented developers to join the Montreal Studio, as there are a number of open positions.

She said that being “good enough” is not enough, but they want the developers to be “More ambitious. More inclusive. More accessible. More engaging”. Jade said that they want to bring that mentality to the Stadia Games and Entertainment and that they are searching for the best developers on the planet to join the studio.


Stadia didn’t announce any titles of their upcoming Stadia games. But apart from developing their own and exclusive content, they will also be working for third-party developers. The games which will be launched this year will support many titles which you can even get on other platforms with cross-play.

As announced by the company, Google Stadia will be released in 14 countries, which even includes the US, UK, and Canada with approximately 30 games. The 30 games are from 21 different publishers. And the prize of the “Founder’s Edition” is $130 for a starter’s kit with 3 months of premium service. And $10 must be paid for every month afterward. Also, preorders for the “Founder’s Edition” is now open.

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