Bugs flooding the latest Windows 10 update; MS Edge and Start menu faces breakdown issues

Yet another set of bugs were spotted on Windows 10’s latest update KB4517389. The new version, which was launched with claims of bug fixes and error-proof turned out into false hopes, as the users who updated to the Windows 10 version faced too many issues. Microsoft is gaining a negative impression because of these recurring bugs in consecutive updates.

Many users came up with the bitter experience they had with Microsoft’s KB4517389 version. The Microsoft Edge seems to break down in the latest Windows update, and the Start option is facing issues too. There are also reports of installation failure, springing up from various Windows users.

The posts about these launching and breakdown issues are flooding the virtual media, and Microsoft customer support seems to be in pretty big trouble. There have been reports that some users found the Microsoft Edge broken down as soon as they updated to the latest version of Windows. Uninstalling the KB4517389 version seemed to help, thus confirming the truth in bug reports about the latest Windows version. Some sources report that the Microsoft Edge start menu icon is grayed out with a white line across the bottom of the tile. But the other browsers were working fine. 

Many users posted their issues and raised questions on the community forum after the issues about Windows’ 10 latest update sprout;

“After installing KB4517389 today can’t open Edge. Tried rebooting. Tried uninstalling update (then it worked). Reinstalled update and Edge won’t open. Tried reset and still won’t work. All other browsers work including internet explorer.” a user wrote on Microsoft Community Forum.

On the other hand, Microsoft has confirmed that it is aware of the Start Menu problems and assured an update by the end of October. But Microsoft continues its silent treatment on the other issues the users have reported. To add fuel to this annoying issue of Microsoft users, the firm hasn’t updated the KB4517389 page. The specifications of the Windows 10 update still states, “Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update.” This inattentive nature of Microsoft Corporation towards reports of bugs in the updates is not first-time. They have remained indifferent to such issues previously too, and this is just making things worse.

When we consider things in the bigger picture, Microsoft does take measures to rectify these issues, but still gives a deaf ear to fix the issues before people start getting furious about it.

There remain several failures in previous updates of Microsoft, such as boot failures and Search and the Start Menu bugs, which keeps occurring in the new updates of Windows, etc. The bugs of the current update can be added to this growing list of update failures.

These back-to-back reports on repetitive failures and bugs surely harm the image of Microsoft. Being the predecessors of the Tech world, the blame on Microsoft is much higher. The talk of the internet is that Microsoft updates are having more and more new problems with each launch of new updates, rather than rectifying them and making it better than previous versions. These may cause long-term damages to the firm’s reputation. Both the tech world and the Windows users are in the hope that Microsoft will set a serious eye on this issue. The problem of the Windows 10 update is an eye-opener to the Microsoft authorities.

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