Finally Nvidia’s GeForce Now would be available on Android devices!!!

Nvidia’s GeForce Now has finally started rolling out its game services on Android phones. Yes, you heard it right. Till now, the GeForce Now game was being played on laptops and computer systems. However, in August, Nvidia had stated that very soon, the GeForce Now game would start streaming on Android phones too. True to this fact, people in South Korea are able to download the ‘apk’ or application of this game and enjoy playing the same on their mobile phones. 

At present, only people from South Korea can play this game on their Android devices. It would take some time for the game application to be available on Google Play Store for all Android users worldwide. Interested people elsewhere (other than Korea) can download the apk of the game from APK Mirror and try playing it on their mobiles. However, before downloading this application on mobile phones or tablets, remember that only users having Android version 5.0 or higher would be able to download it on their devices. 

How does GeForce Now game work on Android devices?

According to XDA Developers, who tried and tested playing the GeForce Now on Android devices, the experience is quite similar to that of playing on laptops or desktops. To start playing the game, select it from the application icon displayed on the Android device. The game starts instantly. However, it is best to keep a controller ready at all times. This is because a few of the games may not support touchscreen functionality. Thus, with a controller around, one can play any game which he is entitled to.

A video taken by the XDA Developers while they were playing and testing Doom (name of the game) reveals excellent graphics of the game. It looks exactly like the ones played on PCs.

Would it be fun playing GeForce Now games on Android phones and tablets?

One cannot deny that playing these games on Android devices would be entertaining. However, people who are habituated using the joystick or controllers more may not enjoy the game by using touchscreen controls of the device. Moreover, there could be certain games that are not at all entertaining unless buttons are used to control the game. There could also be some problems in displaying the complete game library on the device as a few stream titles may not be supported. Above all, questions are still being raised about the total cost of implementing these games on Android devices. With the GeForce Now application still in the beta phase, some minor glitches could occur on Android phones or tablets while using the same. 

To use this service on Android devices, people would need to use their GEForce Now account that was created for playing games on laptops or computers. In case there is no account, the same can be created by signing up on The account would be created in a matter of a few days.

With Google all set to launch Stadia game service in November and Microsoft all ready for its release of the xCloud game, GeForce Now sure has some tough competitors to watch out for!!!

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