Realme 3 Pro and Realme X to get Dark Mode in its new October update

Realme is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer that was established in 2018 by Sky Li, the previous vice president of Oppo Electronics. Ever since its debut in the market, the company has manufactured a wide variety of smartphones with different price tags.

And we are not talking about the regular price tags of smartphones devices, Realme smartphones are priced so affordably, and they come with such awesome features that it lures the customers to buy them. This is why the company was able to set its foot firmly in the Indian Market.

And the demand for the same has become like water that has crossed over! In the October update of the same, Realme 3 Pro and Realme X will be getting dark mode as well. Dark mode has been conquering every site, app, and OS system of the Android devices ever since its roll out on platforms like YouTube, Google, and Gmail.

The size of the October update for the Realme 3 Pro device would be about 2.74 GB with version number RMX1851EX_11_A.20 and for Realme X with version number RMX1901EX_11.A.09 and would have the same size. The company has also made a manual update available for the impatient users to quench their excitement for the dark mode availability of the device. The update includes features like fast charging and a fast-twitch toggle between SIMs in the notification etc.

Don’t worry if you haven’t received the notification for October yet. You can simply download through the manual link provided by the company. You just need to go to the software update page to avail the download link. However, the link was released by the company for users who don’t want to get their hands on the dark mode any further.

The rollout of the dark mode for the devices has been confirmed as well as explained it on its post, which goes as, “To ensure the stability of this OTA, it will have a staged rollout. The OTA will be randomly pushed out to a limited number of users today and will have a broader rollout in a few days after making sure there are no critical bugs. If no critical bugs are found, the full rollout will be completed in the upcoming days.”

Hence, the company will only be rolling out the update to some handful of customers as a trial period, and if no bugs whatsoever are found, then the update will be extended to other customers as well. And according to a recent announcement by the company, there seems to be an issue with the update.

And the update has been put on hold for some time and has been canceled temporarily. So, to be on the safer side if you have already received the notification for the update, it would be wiser to ignore it just for once, keeping the bug issue and safety of the device in mind.

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