Twitter to restrict the users from retweeting World leaders tweets that are above their policies

Last year Twitter came under much scrutiny when Twitter refused to ban President Trump from their platform after what he tweeted. That tweet was seen as a threat to declare war against North Korea but deleted one of the tweets by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Twitter took action only after a democratic presidential contender, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, claimed that the tweets from President Trump put the people and democracy at risk.

In June, Twitter released its statement stating that no World Leader is above the policies entirely but released no specific plan of action.

The social media giant, early this summer, announced that it would flag tweets from world leaders whose tweets violets their policies. Such tweets include promoting and glorifying terrorism, direct threat of violence against individuals, self-harm, personal information, and intimate pictures.

Twitter made it clear that if any of the tweets by World Leaders falls under the above category, then their tweets will be flagged. Twitter will also make sure that people are not able to like, comment or retweet such tweets. However, people will be able to quote such tweets to express their views and opinions.

Twitter also assured that they would not show the flag tweets rather hide them behind a warning. The choice to view such tweets will be of users only. These rules are designed to strike a balance between the public’s right to know and Twitter’s effort to ensure that hate speech and misinformation do not go viral.

Albeit Twitter’s effort, they could not avoid criticism for not removing or even flagging some of President Trump’s most controversial tweets. For example, last July, President Trump told four congresswomen of color should go back to their own country.

To escape any more criticism, Twitter on Tuesday stated that it would take action against any account that violets any of the policies. Twitter immediately also clarified that they would not take any action in some cases, such as when the head of the state has direct interaction with their peers or engage in foreign policies on economic or military issues. Also, Twitter would not take all the possible interpretations of intent into account.

However, the criticisms didn’t end there as Twitter’s clarification does not seem enough for some people. The spokesperson for Harris campaign, Ian Sams questions the adequacy of Twitter’s updated policy against Trump’s tweets, making threats and inciting violence.

The users are requesting more strict policies to stop World Leaders like Trump from making such Tweets that are a blatant disregard of policies and guidelines set on the social platform.

Harris also argues that many accounts have been suspended for far less offensive behavior, and the stakes are high to do nothing when such kind of abuse is coming directly from the most powerful office.

Facebook, earlier this month, refused former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign’s request to take down a Trump ad that included a debunked claim about his family’s involvement in Ukraine gas company.

Twitter by updating the policies, has shown that although they provide a platform for political moments, they keep the compatibilities between the tweets and the policies in check too.

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