Xbox One now helps you strengthen your friendship by letting you buy games that your friends play on its platform

Have you always been the oddball among your mates, not just in about everything but even on Multiplayer platforms? What? Well, do you play games that your friends don’t play or can’t seem to remember the name of that one hell of an excellent game that you saw one of your classmate playing in breaks?

Good news, your wish has been heard loud and clear. For you don’t have to worry about being an oddball anymore or the, ‘Can’t seem to remember’ one. Microsoft has revealed about this amazing feature of Xbox One on twitter today that allows you a bit of cheating and yes good one at that!

Yes, now Xbox One allows you to have a sneak peek on your friends’ games and not just that if interested it also allows you to purchase the very same game. So that you can also install it and play it as per your liking. Now, forget all about being an oddball among your friends’ group and get ready to mix in with them and talk all about the new mission of the game.

The news was officially released by Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson. Major Nelson is a Microsoft gaming network Xbox One Live Programming director. He has a blog called “Xbox One Live’s Major Nelson” which gives updates on the operation of Microsoft Xbox One division.

Well, here’s the official announcement by Larry Hryb just in case you can’t happen to digest this news_
“We are starting to roll out a new feature for Xbox One One: Directly from the Guide you will be able to quickly get more information on a game your friend is playing – with a link to play it (if installed), install (if you own it) or buy it + a link to the official club.”

Let’s drive into a bit of understanding if you didn’t get the announcement. This new feature will allow you to know the games that your friends are playing. Well, it won’t lay out the list of the games that your friends are playing for you. It would simply enable you to know. To put it in simple terms just like in Instagram whenever you try to follow someone or someone tries to follow you, you can see the mutual friends that both the parties have. Similarly, if you stumble across a game and your friend has already that game installed, you can see it in the info of the game.

And if your friend is already playing that game, you will be given a link to play it only if you already have that game installed. Similarly, if you haven’t installed the game, you will be given a link to buy it. And if you haven’t purchased that game, it will direct you to a link to buy it along with a link to the official club of that game.

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

Well, the above line is still true to its meaning, literally! Although the feature has been disclosed, time regarding its roll out hasn’t been yet. What? You ask. Major Nelson hasn’t cleared things about the ‘roll-out’ of this feature. So, don’t be shocked if you haven’t experienced this new feature yet given that Xbox One has already installed the November update.
And according to Major Nelson, this new feature will knock the Xbox One of the users, “Soon”. And the information on that ‘Soon’ is a bit blur.

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